Ghetto Kid Recipes

What The Hell Is a Ghetto Kid Recipe?


I’m an emerging professional photographer (read “starving artist”) who grew up in Baltimore, Maryland during the formative years of “The Wire,” when B’More was ultra rah-rah. I lived in the ‘hood (East Baltimore Stand Up!! — cue DJ Khaled “I’m Sooo ‘Hood!!”) and had a single mom, who worked sometimes three jobs to support our household after she got divorced.

During those lean-ass times, money was tight. And in tight times, you do what you gotta do. One of the things I had to do was, to learn the fine art of “improvisational cuisine.” In other words, to come up with some shit on the quick, when I was hungry and didn’t have lots of money or lots of food in the house.

Now that I’m yet again in lean times, I’ve had to dust off that ghetto kid ethos of doing what I gotta do to eat. 

And thus was born — spawned, if you will — this blog.

I’ll chronicle the best in lean-times cooking, using whatever edible (and I do mean whatever) that you have at hand in your home. Call it Depression-era creativity for the present masses. 

I hope you find these creations satisfying, and cheap on your wallets, along with being examples of what a little motivation and creativity can do to fill your gullet.